Drain Cleaning

No Clog Is Tougher Than Our Team

Over time, it is expected for clogs, blockages and buildups to check your plumbing pipes and drains from operating correctly. This may cause dangerous wastewater to backflow into your place. Keep you and your beloved safe by calling Penrith Plumbing & Hot Water. Our workers are ready for your call.

Hydro Jet Technology

Our technicians are polite, professional, and trained in the latest techniques and protocols. Our water jet technology systems are powerful, can be flexibly configured and are intended for heavy-duty plumbing services. We use extremely pressurized water to clean the interior surfaces of your plumbing pipes. This allows us to not only remove blockages but also to clean pipe surfaces of dirt layers.

Remote CCTV Cameras

We use the most advanced technology remote CCTV cameras to promptly troubleshoot your pipes and pinpoint the exact location of a clog. Our system plays an essential role to find out the specific location where the problem had happened. With video footage, we can then decide the most efficient course of action and get you the repair you need.

Electric EEL Equipment

When necessary, we will use electric eel equipment, also called a drain snake, to remove mainly tenacious blockages. This enables us to eliminate root invasions, solids and other debris. Our plumbing team is skilled in the use of electric drain machines and hydro-jets. Call us to have your blocked drains unblocked in no time.

Friendly Services

Our friendly and highly trained plumbers are here to make your plumbing maintenance requirements hassle-free for you. With our help, you can get your system back up and work again in no time. Firstly, we can listen to you and understand your problem, and then will start working on that to provide a long term solution.

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We offer a full line of services for all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

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