Blocked Drains & Repairs in Penrith

We always come with the purpose of helping people with all of their blocked drain plumbing needs!


When you have a blocked drain…

  • Is your house or corporation property’s drain pipe flowing?
  • Have you noticed that your sink/showers require a more prolonged time to drain the water?
  • Have you experienced nasty smells coming from the drain?

There are several reasons why your drains become blocked. Whatever the reasons are, no one likes bad odours in their toilet or kitchen.  Never ignore a blocked drain. A tiny problem can turn into a big one if neglected. If you put off getting a blocked drain fixed, it could cause you severe problems such as property damage and health issues. However, checking drain blockages is something that just demands a bit of time and energy. So, what you need to do is – contact a professional plumber who can sort out your problem within no time.

Why Penrith Plumbing & Hot Water’s Blocked Drain Services?

Hiring a Plumber in Penrith isn’t something you wish to do frequently, so when you call a plumber, we completely understand that you want to know that they’ll get the job finished promptly, with minimum fuss and for a good price.

‘Penrith Plumbing & Hot Water’ is your committed local plumber and drain expert in Penrith and surrounding areas for both businesses and customers at home. Most drainage obstacles can be fixed the same day, and we allow 24/7 emergency assistance if you demand urgent repairs. We dig and repair or replace drains, right through the Penrith region, and surrounding areas, Sydney, Richmond, Windsor, Cranebrook, Jordan Springs, Orchard Hills, Silverdale, Glenmore Park and St. Marys. 

Our most advanced technology tools can discover and eliminate blockages fast. Our electric eel machine can grind and expel any blockage we find. Older ageing pipes are responsive to blockages and development of waste as the inner surfaces of the pipes gather a layer of trash and solids. Our trained pipe cleaning service will leave them as reliable as new.

We offer an array of cleaning, preventative maintenance and plumbing repair solutions. When house owners disregard poor water pressure, decreased performance from appliances and tools or other significant plumbing matters it usually results in the demand for expert services and solutions. We’ll never start primary work without providing you with a quote first. We work with you to get a solution that meets your budget and gives you long-term protection.

Our prices are fair and reasonable, services are top-quality, equipment is of the latest technology and workers are highly experienced. Get a licensed plumber to deal with your clogged pipes and drains before they get more critical! 

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