The blocked drain issue is such a problem that every tenant will face in his life. If the issue is small then it can be fixed by following some advice and doing some self-effort. But, if you are facing it more often, then instantly call the professionals to avoid a permanent blocked Drain in Richmond.  


But, as per a famous saying, prevention is the best solution. To understand how you can prevent the blocking of drains, it is crucial to know the reasons for clogging. 

Reasons for Blocked Drains Richmond 

Here are some common reasons that can cause the blocked drains at your home in Richmond: 

  • Cooking Fat: Yes, this is one of the most common and most obvious reasons for blocked drains. The fat goes inside the drains and becomes a hurdle for the gooey to pass on. 
  • Sanitary Products: Tampons or sanitary products can block the drains as their strings get entwined inside the drains, resulting in not letting the liquid move on. 
  • Dental Floss: Small pieces of dental flosses can develop a big hurdle for blocked drains. If any other string or thread gets attached to the floss, then it’s not going to be solved until proper treatment thru. 
  • Diapers: Unbelievable, it has been seen that diapers are flushed into the toilets. This creates massive problems as they captivate a lot of liquid, and even staying inside the water for many days and months, they will not be slashed apart or loosen themselves. 
  • Hair: Hair is usually found in the bathroom and bathtub drains. 
  • Paint: Paints are also cloggy and fatty, just like cooking fat. If you are using paint in your house, then make very sure to not let the paint go inside the drains.  
  • Food: Never ever clean the waste food inside the kitchen sinks. They can sit inside the drains and become too heavy to drain out with water. 

Types of Blocked Drains 

Different drains have different types of blockage that need different types of solutions. Here are some common types of blocked drains 

  • Blocked Kitchen Sink 
  • Blocked Toilet Drains 
  • Blocked Garage Drains 
  • Blocked Washing Drains 
  • Blocked Grassland Drains  

Tools require for Unblocking Drains 

After knowing the reasons, the second question that can come to your mind is the tools that you will need to fix the minor issues. I said minor issue, because if it is the major issue, then never ever think of becoming a self-plumber. As it can lead to a big problem that may later result in digging out the entire draining system of the house to fix it. So, it is advised that if you are facing a blocked drain in Richmond, often, then immediately call the professionals.  

Coming back to our point, of tools needed to fix the minor problems. Here are some tools that you should keep at your home. 

  • Plunger 
  • Plumber’s Snake 
  • Pipe Wrench 
  • Closet Auger 
  • Power Auger 

Final Thoughts 

There are children in every home almost, and we can’t watch them 24/7. Even if elders do lots of care even then there are chances of such mistakes that can lead to massive drain blocking. So, what we have to do is the right service, at the right time from the right person.  

If you are living in Richmond or around, then Penrith Plumbing and Hot Water is the most trusted name that you should have in your Contact List. Their professionals will do the quick fixes with minimum mess and at the best prices. The best part about them is, you can fix a free consultation meeting with them right away. Even if there is a big fussy mess that is making your life troublesome, then “Penrith Plumbing and Hot Water” can fix it with minimum mess as they have the latest technology tools. So, call them immediately to get excellent services from the licensed plumbers for Blocked Drains Richmond. 


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