Have issues with your plumbing? Don’t we all occasionally do?  

Plumbing issues can be very annoying, and you might be tempted to make quick fixes by yourself.  

However, not all plumbing issues should be fixed by just anyone. Sometimes, it’s best to leave things to a professional plumber in St. Mary like us. Attempting to fix some of these issues could lead to even worse plumbing issues  

But what kinds of issues should you use leave to the pros? Below are 5 plumbing issues you might be tempted to fix by yourself, but should leave to professional plumbers. 

Plumbing Fixes Best Left To Professional Plumbers 

  1. Pipe Repairs/ Replacement
    Unless you are simply tightening a loose screw, you should never attempt to repair or replace your broken pipes.
    Attempting to fix a broken pipe by yourself is very dangerous and a lot of things can go wrong, either immediately, or in the near future. If repaired or replaced improperly, it can result in leakage and cause damage to your home. 
    In the end, you would have to pay for repairs to the damages incurred on your home, and still pay a professional to repair or replace your broken pipe. 
  2. Water Heater
    Regular maintenance of water heaters is fine. As a homeowner, you can routinely clean your water heater, however, the more technical issues are best left to our professional plumber in St. Mary.
    Water heaters have electrical components. Plus you’ll probably be dealing with water and gas as well. Any little mistake would lead to an undesirable situation for you as a homeowner. In order to avoid any unwanted occurrences, leave the water heater out of your DIY plumbing fixes list. 
  3. Leaky Faucets
    This is one of the most common plumbing issues that most homeowners face. A leaky faucet might seem like something you as a homeowner might think would be easy to fix; however, more often than not, this has led to further problems. 
    Fixing a leaky faucet entails more than just finding and patching the leaky area. Most times, the faucet would have to be replaced entirely. Other times, only your plumber can know what exactly is wrong with the faucet and fix it accordingly.
    Perhaps it’s a simple problem with the cartridge, a worn-out O ring or a bad valve seat, you might not know how to diagnose the issue; hence it’s best left to the plumber. 
  4. Sewer Repair
    This is something you best leave to the pros if you are not entirely sure of what you are doing.  Not only is it an unpleasant task that you might try to void, but it is also something you wouldn’t want to make a mistake with. A little error could lead to disastrous consequences; hence you shouldn’t even be considering fixing this problem yourself. 
  5. Low Water Pressure
    If you notice your faucet water flowing with less pressure than normal, then it could be an issue with the water system in your area. Sometimes a water main break can reduce water pressure temporarily.
    However, if you think the problem is from your end, then there are a number of reasons this could be happening; a water blockage, a closed metre valve or a shut-off valve.  

Regardless of the cause, this is a problem best left to a professional plumber in St. Mary. They will be in the best place to diagnose the issue and find out the cause of your low water pressure issue. 



While there are certain plumbing issues best left to a plumber in St. Mary, there are still a few plumbing quick fixes you can learn and apply whenever faced with a new problem.  

However, if at any point you feel like the situation is more than you can handle, do not hesitate to find help from the more experienced professionals in the field. 


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